Monday, December 17, 2007

Canadian Crime Report

– Because we all know there’s no crime in Canada

Taser That
In Calgary a 250 lb nude man got into a physical altercation with the cops. Because of the issues nationally about Tasers, Calgary Police showed restraint – and one officer was punched repeatedly and a police dog was attacked. It took several officers to bring him down.

Me, I would have aimed below the belt and fired away.

National Mess
While politicians and citizens are calling for action cleaning up the problems with our national police force, the Mounties have conceded that organized crime is still winning the drug war.

Under Lock & Key…Sometimes
Triple-murder suspect Jesse Imeson made an appearance in court today, while three dangerous suspects have escaped from prison in Montreal.

There Aren’t Words
Every now and again, a crime hits the news that hits hard. There’s absolutely nothing funny about the fact that a 72-year-old man was attacked and killed while delivering Christmas cards.

For those who gasp in disbelief when they cross the border to Canada and hear someone saw a four-letter-word, let me tell you something: We’re as good at crime as anyone else. I actually have a lot of respect for our law enforcement in this country, but we’re not perfect, and that’s part of the reason I write about the RCMP.

Oh, wait? Were you thinking I'd do a recap of the year in Canadian crime fiction? Hmmm. I'd give nods to DIRTY SWEET and EVEYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE by John McFetridge, only I read both of them last year... I don't think I've read another book set in Canada this year. Hmmm.

We seem to sing about it better than we write about it.

Gowan’s Criminal Mind.

Not Canadian, but the ultimate spy thriller song of the 80s, since I’m now on a music kick… (With women in tight leather, which I'm certain adds to the male fantasy aspect of the video.)

And not a crime, but ouch, that had to hurt.

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